Looking to read an entertaining RPG campaign log? Something like Sagiro’s Story Hour, but for a low to moderate magic classic D&D campaign? Something you can draw inspiration from? Then this is for you!

This Campaign ran from May 2018 to October 2020. Characters started at Level 1 and rose to Level 8 or 9. (And it is possible that we may rekindle this campaign at a later date, especially if there is encouraging feedback from fans). Below are links to information regarding the ongoing campaign:

Adventures of the Gygax Tribute Campaign

Campaign Timeline
Monsters/Enemies Slain

Here is a brief rundown of the campaign world. It is not strictly my own homebrew creation, but incorporates some classic AD&D adventures as well, particularly from Gary Gygax. Don’t worry, no Caves of Chaos. Too many players remember that one. Even if you played some of the classic adventures before, I made some changes to incorporate it in my campaign world and keep it fresh.

The 3 starting player characters (PCs) live in a town called Waterkeg, which is located in a temperate grassland at the mouth of a river that empties into a great lake, some 35 miles across, called Lake Rune. They are generally human or perhaps half-orc (or perhaps even another race from beyond the known mapped lands, who people in town mistake is a hapless, deformed human). D&D started with only human characters available, and the players started with an all human group for a change: Night Shadow the thief; Mardak Chorster the cleric of the All-Seeing Eye; and Freddy the fighter. The PCs have all recently completed exhaustive training in their respective fields, becoming 1st level – an uncommon feat in this part of the world, and are considered powerful by the local populace as such, although untested. The PCs have known each other in passing through a common human friend in town named Dox the Charitable. Dox was once considered a notable fighter and adventurer, as the PCs hope to one day be.

The world is generally like our own, but there are significant differences too. First, the night is dark indeed. There is no moon and only a few stars light the sky. Compared to ours, this world is a world in decline. Wildlife is less diverse. The only common domesticated animals in the immediate region (north of the Great Ridge) are horses, dogs, and goats. Common farm animals such as cattle, pigs and chickens are unknown in the immediate region of the world. Similarly, agriculture consists of mostly barley, cabbage, carrots, and onions in the region, and other cultivated plants and herbs are pretty rare.

Most unusual, the PCs have never seen or heard a bird in their lives, although they have seen some pictures of some one-eyed phoenix-type creature in churches. The only things that fly are insects, bats, and legendary dragons. Humans commonly worship the “All-Seeing Eye” or the “Eternal Eye”. The phoenix is associated with the god, and sometimes considered an aspect of the god itself. The All-Seeing Eye is a lawful god, and worshipers can be of any of any alignment, but the most reverent worshipers are either lawful good or neutral good. Other gods exist, but are rarely worshipped. Among those known to you are Crypt, a jackel-headed god of evil, and Luk, a dwarf-like god of luck and chaos, who looks similar to the Egyptian god, Bes. St. Cuthbert and Iuz are also in the pantheon.

Waterkeg is a large city of about 10,000 or so humans, which was built over the ruins of an older city of doubtful history once named Portown. It is the capital city of the northlands. The northlands are ruled by powerful merchants who hold various monopolies on raw materials, such as gold, iron, stone, livestock, logging and agriculture. All trade in these raw materials must go through them as middlemen. They enforce their middleman status in their individual circles of power through knights and their armies under them. The knights commonly oversee the sources of products and common trade routes, and crush rivals to the merchant’s claimed monopolies.

South of Waterkeg, across the river, is the great grassland. Roaming the grassland are nomads with their horses and flocks of goats. Northerners generally have a common distain for the southern nomads, who they consider uncivilized because they build no great cities as Waterkeg. Similarly, the southern nomads dispise the northerners for over-running the once free grasslands north of the river with their agriculture and cities. At one time, about 20 or so years ago, the southern nomads attempted to retake grasslands to the north causing a war to break out, but they were conquered by the organized armies of the knights. The southern nomads also dress a little differently and speak with a lispy common-tongue dialect as compared with the northern farm & city folk.

The common coin of this realm is gold. Platinum, electrum, silver and copper are not traded in coin. Lower or greater denominations of the gold coin are simply larger or smaller coins of gold.

Last, a brief mention is needed regarding monsters. The PCs have heard stories about every monster in the Monster Manual, including all the legends accompanying them. However, none of the PCs have actually seen a monster . . . YET!!! To their knowledge, they could all be a pack of lies made by storytellers, or perhaps only too real. The PCs must adventure to determine truth from fiction, and hopefully get rich, famous, and powerful in the process.


Gary Gygax Tribute Campaign